Re-Certification Test 2020 (February 1-28, 2020)

The 2020 recertification test will be
open on Febuary 1, 2020 and ends on February 28, 2020.
Testing information

  1. The test will be available via the NJSIAA Central Hub (Group ID:104121) on Arbiter. All registered Officials should have access.
  2. The test will have a total of 50 questions from a pool of 80 questions.
  3. The NJSIAA has established a score of 80 as passing.
  4. There will be a maximum of two attempts to pass the test.
  5. If an official does not pass the test in two attempts they will be referred to the local chapter to establish remedial procedures
  6. Any official not passing the test in two attempts will be ineligible to receive state tournament assignments
  7. The test may be taken in multiple sittings.  Officials may save the progress of the test and return to complete it at another time.

Remember according to the BCUA Constitution:
Members shall access the electronic online test (Arbiter) no later than seven (7) days prior to the dues date of the annual re-certification test.  THE BCUA Secretary will provide written instructions annually to all members for taking the re-certification test and to assist with Arbiter (online) protocol.  If the annual re-certification Arbiter protocol is not followed the member subjects themselves to the penalties and sanctions as outlined in the by-laws Article XII, Section 4.
SECTION 4: Any member who fails to take the required review examination(s) or who fails to submit the review examination(s) by the required date, or does not achieve a passing grade shall be subject to the following penalties and /or sanctions:
a. Any member who does not achieve a passing grade must attend a one hour rules review session in each sport involved.
b. Any member who fails to submit the examination(s) by the required date will be suspended for that sport(s) for that season.
c. Members who fail to attend the required rules reviews session(s) will be suspended for that season.
d. A member on suspension may not officiate any varsity level game in that sport during the period of suspension. The Secretary will inform Athletic Directors, Assignors, and the NJSIAA of any member(s) who are on suspension.
e. Members who violate paragraphs (b), (c), or (d) of this section may be subject to additional penalties, which may include additional suspension or dismissal from this association.
f. Any member required to attend a Rules Review session shall pay an instructor’s fee as determined by the Executive Committee.