Upload Concussion Certificates

Instructions for Uploading Concussion Certificates:

If you have any issues or need help with any of the instructions below, please click here to send an e-mail for additional assistance.

  1. Complete the concussion course at NFHSLearn.com and save to your hard drive.
  2. Open the RefSec Concussion Certificate Portal using this link: RefSec
  3. Type in your e-mail address into the Directory Number or Email field and press [Send me my PIN].
  4. After clicking this button, check your e-mail for the PIN; it will be delivered within a few minutes.
  5. After receiving the PIN, type in the PIN number into the PIN field.
  6. Click the [Choose File] button. A pop-up window to choose files will open up.
  7. Find concussion certificate from step 1 and click the icon/filename for it in the window.
  8. Click the [OK] (Windows), or [Choose] (Mac) button. The pop-up window will go away.
  9. Click the [Upload File] button.
  10. Check your e-mail for a confirmation receipt.